Range Marketing, LLC is a privately-held technology company headquartered in Buffalo, New York. Core offerings include website design, internet marketing, and custom software applications.

Range Marketing was founded in 2013. At the time, the founders were employees of one of the largest diversified media and information companies in the United States. They started Range Marketing to take their skills and digital product differentiation to the next level. Today, Range Marketing employs multiple teams of digital marketing experts and offers truly custom digital solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Company Facts:

  • 100% of work is completed in-house by American staff
  • 90% of clients are from outside New York State
  • 5% of clients are from other countries
  • Smallest client is $100,000 annual revenue
  • Largest client is a multi-billion dollar Fortune 500 corporation
  • Proud member of the Empire State Development Excelsior Program
  • Offering full benefits including 401k, health insurance & paid time off
  • Educational opportunities offered through the SUNY Fredonia CDO Internship Program

About Our Staff:

  • 100% Prefer iOS to Android
  • 100% Prefer Mac to PC
  • 80% Prefer Google Chrome
  • 20% Prefer Firefox
  • 30% Female
  • 30% Vegetarian
  • 20% Travel for work
  • 10% Primarily work outside New York State