User Experience & Conversion Rate Optimization

Getting more traffic to your website isn’t always enough. At Range Marketing, we focus on creating the absolute best user experience for your website in order to increase your online conversions. We do this by researching the user, analyzing your conversion funnel, and optimizing the process using A/B testing and other industry best practices.


  • 73% of companies have no idea why consumers abandon their shopping carts without buying.
  • 75% of the internet retailing top 500 use an A/B testing platform.
  • 11% of US Adults cited leaving an online shopping cart because they ask for too much information and they don’t want to register.
  • 74% abandon their carts.

Source: Conversioner

Keep Users on the Site

Users tend to exit websites, or ‘bounce’, from search results that don’t satisfy their goals. That’s why having a strategy around your website’s user experience is extremely important. Focusing the design and content of your website around the user is what keeps them engaged longer and turns traffic into conversions. But it doesn’t stop there. We perform ongoing usability and A/B testing in order to determine exactly what works the best to maximize your website’s success.

Increasing Your Bottom Line

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the process of using quantitative data (analytics) and qualitative data (user insight) to improve the performance of your website. This starts by measuring the right metrics—or key performance indicators (KPIs)—that are essential to your website’s success. This could mean anything from increasing direct online sales to boosting the amount of email subscribers to a mailing list. Whatever it is you are looking to improve, we have the expertise and knowledge to deliver positive results.