Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay per click (PPC) advertising is the process of bidding and buying ad space on search engines to drive interested consumers and traffic to a business’s website.

Pay per click advertising is a useful method for those businesses looking to boost sales in the digital age. Range Marketing has the knowledge and expertise to build an efficient and effective PPC campaign to take full advantage of this opportunity. Our team has the know-how in running a pay per click campaign with major search engines, like Google, that will help attract interested individuals to your site.

ppc promoting a new business

Why PPC?

Range Marketing’s distinctive PPC management service ensures Pay-Per-Click campaigns are properly synced with your company’s digital marketing strategy. Our PPC campaign will help your business:

  • Maximize on lead generation and sale conversions
  • Drive interested and quality web traffic to your site
  • Utilize budget effectively to minimize cost per click
  • Ongoing maintenance & fine tuning
  • Provide transparent and valuable campaign reporting

Attract the Right Searchers

Deciding on the right keywords for your PPC campaign is extremely crucial to the success of your online advertising. During the course of your PPC campaign, our team will perform extensive research and testing to maximize the efficiency your campaign. This will help your business avoid spending money on unnecessary keywords that do not produce results or customers. Every one of our campaigns is built on significant research aimed at understanding user intent and expectations.

Transparent Reporting

The landscape for pay-per-click advertising is constantly changing. The team at Range Marketing provides ongoing maintenance to your campaign, to keep up with trends, seasonal changes or new developments that effect your online advertising. It is imperative to stay on top of your own internal metrics to utilize your budget efficiently to produce quality results.