Range Marketing

Green Screens

Project Agreement & Scope of Work

Oct 8th, 2020


Our goal through this proposal will be to work together with Green Screens to develop the front and back-end of their website to ensure SEO opportunities are maximized on an ongoing basis, as well as create a consumer experience that’s extremely functional and visually appealing which entices brand recognition and ultimately, customer loyalty. The recommendations in this proposal are designed in the best interest of the Green Screens long-term website/internet presence, visibility and SEO potential.

Project Deliverables

It is our intention to help grow Green Screens far beyond their current scale. It is our primary objective to grow online presence, so that every prospective consumer can find them, get the information they need, and be persuaded to do business with Green Screens over their direct competition.

Website Recommendation

Your new website will be built to be beautiful, secure, and scalable. The front-end design will create a visually appealing platform and an enjoyable consumer experience. The back-end development will ensure it is stable and full-featured. We are confident the below website product recommendation will meet your needs and impress your customers.

Level III Custom Website

  • Includes up to 25 pages of professionally-written content
  • Full level of detail in branded design across entire website
  • Parallax scroll effects
  • Navigation menu images
  • HTML5 background video in homepage hero
  • Custom subpage header images and styles corresponding to any related subcategory of client content
  • Up to 3 different interior page templates
Technical Features
  • Pop-up promotions and calls to action
  • “Light” custom functionality integrations (up to 2 integrations, on approval before contract is signed)
    • Custom plugin installation/configuration
    • Events Calendar
    • Booking Calendar
    • Zip code location lookup
    • Live chat integration (third-party)
    • Custom forms
Conversion Elements
  • User-First Conversion Optimization
  • “Thank you” reply to customer contact form submissions with client logo & phone number
  • Includes 2 rounds of revisions
    • A “round” of revisions is considered minor changes to the site that do not exceed 8 hours in total to complete
    • Minor changes include changes to content, images/assets, fonts, ordering of sections, and light design tweaks
    • Complete redesign, new pages, and new functionality are not considered to be revisions and will be handled separately
  • When the initial website preview is sent to the client, Range asks that the client take 1 week to compile all revisions into a single document
  • Once revisions are received and within limit, Range Marketing will complete the revisions within 1 week and send back to the client for launch approval
Website Examples
Additional Functionality
  • Live Chat
  • $6000 Total
Product Comparison

Level IV
Level III
Level II
Level I

Level IV
Level III
Level II
Level I

Level IV
Level III
Level II
Level I

Level IV
Level III
Level II
Level I

Website Hosting

Range Marketing will host your website on a private server on a monthly basis. This also includes 24/7 security monitoring, security updates, uptime monitoring, and free emergency support in the event of uptime issues. The maintenance component is included with a limited number of hours per month and includes things like changing text, adding new images, or removing content. Anything requiring new features or designs will be quoted separately.

Basic cPanel Hosting

  • $150 Per Month

Project Schedule

The project schedule is a list of soft deadlines for the project; they are milestones we strive to achieve. Website development is a dynamic process and it’s commonplace for new ideas to arise, communication to occur, or Scope be slightly tweaked. While it’s rare for us to miss targets, the schedule below is not held to any bounds concerning the budget or Agreement.

Deliverable Deadline
Agreement signed and deposit received Day 1
Range scheduled Web Design Call (kickoff) Week 1
Fully-functioning preview URL delivered
Invoice for remaining balance delivered
Week 5
Website Launch1 Week 6

1Website launch date if no major revisions or requests must be completed on the preview website

Project Budget

The budget is derived directly from the list of deliverable’s included within this proposal “Scope.”

Custom Website
Level III Custom Website
$6000 Total
Live Chat
Design Consultation
Professional Copywriting

Website Hosting
Basic cPanel Hosting
$150 Per Month
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
24/7 Security Monitoring
Website Total
Down Payment Total


By checking this box, you acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions, scope of work, and website budget outlined above. Any recurring monthly services can be finalized at a later date.