Project Proposal

1.0 Project Overview

This proposal is an outline of the remaining functionality requested to complete the FarmAZ website.

2.0 Project Deliverables

Below outlines deliverables for this project.

Content Import

Range will go through every PDF for farmers markets in every county of NY and transpose the PDF text into locations that will show up on the website map.

This step is a bit tedious as every location has to be manually added.

Health & Wellness Portal

Range will add in a Health & Wellness portal that serves both public and private functions.  The different features of this portal will include:

  • A centralized and categorized database of articles in various different health & wellness topics.
  • It will be easy for the FarmAZ administrators to add, edit, and remove articles.
  • Articles will be easy to place in a “free” or “members only” tier.
  • Members will be able to pay a subscription to gain access to the “members only” content.
  • Sign up for the portal will be through a custom form that collects personal information.  Due to HIPAA compliance, the amount of information we can collect here will be limited.

Community Message Board

A forum will be installed where members from the community can sign up and have open discussions.

FarmAZ staff will be able to add categories and moderate posts.

FarmAZ will be responsible for moderating the content it’s users post on the forum.

3.0 Project Budget

The budget is derived directly from the list of deliverables included within this proposal ("Scope"). Any changes to the Scope of work will require a new quote.

Description Cost
Content Import $2,000
Health & Wellness Portal $3,500
Community Message Board $750
Total Project Budget

4.0 Project Schedule

The project schedule is a list of soft deadlines for the project; they are milestones we strive to achieve. Website development is a dynamic process and it's commonplace for new ideas to arise, communication to occur, or Scope be slightly tweaked. While it's rare for us to miss targets, the schedule below is not held to any bounds concerning the budget or Agreement.

We schedule our projects conservatively, and it's also common for us to come out ahead of the milestones below.

Deliverable Date
Site Launch December 23, 2019