Fastcorp Vending

Project Proposal

1.0 Project Overview

Fastcorp Vending aspires to become the industry leading authority in the vending machines sales and vending machine parts. Fastcorp Vending has been in the vending machine business for over 20 years and they offer very high level products and customer service. Fastcorp has built a large amount of their success in the frozen ice cream industry and are seeking to expand and dominate other niche industries. Fastcorp vending has launched a series of revolutionary and state-of-the-art CBD/THC vending machines, with two model offerings. Fastcorp vending with the help of Range Marketing’s services, has the potential to quickly become the leading authority in their industry on a national, and even international scale.

Our goal through this proposal will be to work together with Fastcorp Vending to develop the front and back-end of their website to ensure SEO and E-Commerce opportunities are maximized on an ongoing basis. The recommendations in this proposal are designed in the best interest of Fastcorp’s long-term website / internet presence, visibility and SEO potential on a national scale. The additional SEO functionality that will be used for their website will allow for organic growth and B2B wholesale and retail conversion on a national scale, as well as to work toward dominating the online presence for their industry and products. It is our intention, through the website’s custom development, custom E-Commerce platform, SEO and conversion, to help grow Fastcorp Vending far beyond their current capacity. With the value of a nationwide viable online market, all with consumers and companies with a need for vending machine solutions, it is our primary objective to rapidly grow ranking, authority and online presence, so that every prospect can find them and purchase from their E-commerce platform, all from searching on Google, rather than the traditional methods in place. Fastcorp Vending is undeniably very successful as it stands, however, in collaboration with Range Marketing they will become a national powerhouse and will subsequently dictate the market.

Fastcorp vending currently has a generic WordPress website in place with an E-commerce platform that is not optimized properly. The back end of the site or coding, also does not employ any of the necessary elements of optimization. Range Marketing will develop an extremely functional and responsive website, with an ascetically pleasing design and with an SEO and conversion focused mindset for the E-Commerce platform. Fastcorp Vending is using a Yoast SEO plugin, which is driving little to no traffic to their website, subsequently inhibiting them from being recognized by Google and found through online search. Range Marketing would be responsible for rebuilding their current website and replacing it with a fully customized, optimized and SEO ready E-Commerce platform with more intuitive back-end compatibility to increase organic search results and outrank competitors nationally. Range Marketing will also be responsible for instituting a strong back linking strategy with the overarching goal of increasing Domain Authority (current DA is 22 out of 100 and are not currently ranking for any keywords on Google). At a later time, Range Marketing may be tasked with implementing a strategic and cost effective PPC/AdWords campaign to help generate more immediate revenue.

This proposal will cover three phases: “Phase 1”, which is the website rebuild portion of the project. “Phase 1.1” will outline the value proposition of working with Range Marketing and the scope/scale of the opportunity. “Phase 2” is the implementation of our additional SEO services, in order to get the redesign live as soon as possible with an aggressive search strategy to start ranking.

1.1 Value Proposition

There’s no way to accurately determine the amount of times people search “Custom Vending Machine” or “Cannabis Vending Machine” in a particular time period across the country or world. However, we can see the competition ranking for those terms below on a national level (this is where Fastcorp should be in 12 – 18 months) :

However, to show measure of the scope and scale of the value proposition Range is delivering; We used Data from our current clients (who are receiving over 1 Million website views per quarter) to display a snippet of both what our dashboard will look like to you and how we track / measure SEO value:

From Google, we tested search queries for some keywords that would benefit both local traffic and national traffic of your product categories for a 30-day period in only San Fran:

3,858 people search “Vending Machine Wholesaler” within a 20 miles radius of San Francisco alone.
27,056 people search for “Dispensary” within a 20 mile radius of San Francisco alone.

Considering we have 30,000 + monthly searchers within a 20 mile radius for keywords associated to your product, the number of potential leads or sales from your site nation wide is astronomical. With the cost of a website rebuild to yield the best SEO results from our proprietary process, and the assumption of 12 months of aggressive SEO spend; with a product price point at a low of $6,000, our services could be paid off for the year by selling less than 5 machines. There’s no telling how much revenue an aggressive SEO campaign could drive to Fastcorp, but Range as a whole is fully confident of our ability to outperform your expectations given the time to do so. Deliverable and pricing outline to follow in this proposal.

2.0 Project Deliverables

Below outlines deliverables for this project.

Project Discovery

Our Project Discovery process is integral to developing a website that is both on time and exceeds expectations for both the client and our team. At this point, we have already completed a majority of this deliverable, but the details of our process are outlined below.

Steps in this process include:

  • Initial client meeting to determine technical scope, visual desires, company mission, and the full walkthrough of services client offers.
  • Detailed breakdown of each project deliverable included in the website in a clearly defined technical scope.
  • Buildout of Sitemap to establish what content will be on the website, and what page it will be included on.
  • Establish a Project Schedule with concrete deadlines for multiple phases of the project.

Creative Design

A website is nothing without it’s design. At Range, we handle the creative portion of design a bit differently. Typical agencies will execute the design research phase and then produce visual-only mockups in PDF form, essentially showing you one big image that you approve before moving into development.

While in some projects this does make sense, in the majority of our projects this lengthy step is costly to both the client and ourselves, and isn’t necessary because of how we develop sites.

Our Creative Process stays completely within the realm of research and planning. We work with you to identify the most important information you want the design to convey, and from that formulate a quick sketch that outlines how we can structure that information.

From there, we research other beautiful sites on the web and come up with our own unique layout groups that we’ll apply to the development. We’re still in the planning phase here – the design comes to life during our actual development project.

Because of this process, the first “design” preview you see will actually be a developed website, allowing you to preview it on all of your devices as well as get a first look at the interactivity/features of the site.

Development Environment Setup

Range will develop your site in a closed environment on a completely different server from where your live website will be. This process is complex and takes time to set up, but is critical for the future safety of your website. Once your website goes live on the internet, we still host your development environment. This serves a couple functions:

  • Acts as an additional backup layer in the event of something happening to the live site.
  • Remains a preview for future changes to your site.  If you require a big design change, new page design, or new functionality, we can safely test and preview everything on your development website before moving it to production.  This ensures that your live website will never “break” due to meddling around with the code when building something new.

Core Development

Core Development is generally the largest deliverable in the project, notwithstanding any additional complex custom applications or functionality. During this phase of the development we will:

  • Install and set up the Content Management System (CMS) used for the website – in this case WordPress.
  • Install and set up a suite of plugins and performance-enhancers for the website.
  • Design and develop site-wide features of the website, like navigation, footer, and sidebar.
  • Design and develop the homepage.
  • Design and develop the content-focused interior pages (such as About Us, Contact Us, Blog, Services Provided, etc.)
  • Ensure author functionality is designed and developed, allowing users to see pictures of the article author as well as a bio page with summary of posts by that author.
  • Set up usernames/logins.


We will utilize WooCommerce as the E-Commerce platform to sell products. WooCommerce has built-in functionality for managing Products, Orders, and Customers. Using WooCommerce as the platform, we will custom design page templates to display relevant pages.

E-Commerce Functionality Included

Below is a list of core functionality included for this build. Any modules requested outside of this functionality will have to be added to this proposal (out outside of it) and priced separately.

  • Core product management for simple and variable products. Product photos, price (or prices with variations like colors/sizes), description, SKUs, stock management, shipping information/dimensions, product category, product tags, and related products.
  • High-level shop management: company address, tax rules, shipping rules, currency, and e-mail delivery settings.
  • Order management & reporting: the ability to process, cancel, and view a list of orders/customers. Top level reporting to see revenue and customer growth for any date interval.
  • Ability to add coupon codes and discounts.
  • Customer reviews on products.
  • Customer management: customers can check out as a guest, or create an account where they have a dashboard to view their order history and order products again.
  • Payment processing: check payments and Paypal are included as defaults. We will integrate an external payment gateway if that gateway is either Stripe, Square, or an gateway. If the payment gateway is outside of that scope, we will need to see if a compatible plugin exists. If no compatible plugin exists and we need to program the gateway in custom, there will be an additional charge depending on the complexity.
  • Order Emails: the store administrator is emailed when every new order comes in, and customers are emailed a receipt of their order.

Customer-Facing Website Design

The following pages and features will be designed with a custom theme and connect to the E-Commerce back-end. Any pages or features outside of this list will need to be priced separately, or added to this proposal as an amendment.

  • Shop Page: the main store view that displays all products by default. Customers will have the ability to sort products by Popularity, Average Rating, Newest, and Price. Additional filters will allow customers to sort by Price Range, Product Category, Sale Items, and a general Search Bar. Products will be displayed with Name, Featured Image, Price, and Rating.
  • Single Product Page: viewing individual products. Features view-able will be Name, Product Images (single or gallery of images), Short Description, Full Description, Price, Variations (size, color, custom variations), Category, Add to Cart (with quantity select), and Related Products.
  • Cart: view items in the shopping cart, add or remove items, change quantity, apply coupon codes, and view subtotal/total.
  • Checkout: customers add Shipping and Billing Address, Order Review with product/pricing information, enter Credit Card or payment information, and click Purchase.
  • Order Confirmation: customers are thanked for their purchase and receive a review of their order and order number in the event of an issue.
  • Cart Icon: there will be a shopping cart icon in the navigation bar that allows customers to easily access their cart and checkout.

Receiving Product Information

The pricing in this proposal assumes that Range will be delivered all product content in a timely and organized fashion (we recommend a spreadsheet). While all of this information isn’t required (only a Product Name and Price are technically required), more information results in a better shop experience. Product information includes:

  • Product name
  • Product short description (1-2 sentence “elevator pitch” of the product)
  • Product long description (full details)
  • SKU
  • Manage stock manually? If so, need to know how much of each product is available, and if you offer backorder.
  • Shipping information (weight, dimensions)
  • “You may also like” related products, we recommend choosing 3
  • Product category(s)
  • Product attributes (for clothes these are things like S/M/L sizes, different colors, etc)
  • Product variations (when you have products with different attributes, sometimes they may have different prices, stock quantity, etc. in your case it may be a product may come in different oil sizes and each size has a different price)

Content Implementation

Content Implementation is just that – adding all of the content to your website. This step is different for every client, but typically includes things like:

  • Working with the client to obtain all necessary content for each page of the website.
  • Obtaining and cropping/optimizing high resolution images from the client and/or purchasing stock imagery.
  • Adding content onto each page of the website.

Website Launch (Deployment)

When your website is ready to go live on the internet, we run through a detailed checklist to ensure the launch is safe and without interruption. Things on our checklist include:

  • Taking a final backup of the development website.
  • Setting up the production environment server (similar to setting up the development environment).
  • Transferring files from development to production.
  • Testing the website on production locally (making sure the site will load perfectly once the domain name is live on our servers).
  • Handling the technical process of pointing the domain name to our servers.
  • Running post-launch steps to performance plugins.
  • Installing SSL on the live website ( vs.
  • Testing all features of the live website, and testing contact form delivery.

SEO Jumpstart

It’s extremely important that your website is SEO-friendly to Google. Not only should your site avoid being penalized for certain factors, it should be designed to excel in the areas Google is looking for when deciding how to rank your website. This has a major impact on the traffic you receive, and will impact your businesses’ bottom line. Range implements the following features to make sure your site looks great to Google from Day 1:

  • Optimize the title and meta tags for all prominent pages of the website.
  • 301 redirect any dead links to the appropriate pages.
  • Create sitemap.xml file for Google.
  • Submit your new content to Google for indexing.

Once these items are taken care of and the website is being managed by us, we recommend continuing with ongoing, monthly SEO to ensure maximum search engine visibility.

3.0 Project Budget

The budget is derived directly from the list of deliverables included within this proposal ("Scope"). Any changes to the Scope of work will require a new quote.

Description Cost
Level III Website Project Cost $8,000
Total Project Budget

4.0 Project Schedule

The project schedule is a list of soft deadlines for the project; they are milestones we strive to achieve. Website development is a dynamic process and it's commonplace for new ideas to arise, communication to occur, or Scope be slightly tweaked. While it's rare for us to miss targets, the schedule below is not held to any bounds concerning the budget or Agreement.

We schedule our projects conservatively, and it's also common for us to come out ahead of the milestones below.

Deliverable Date
Project Kickoff Date October 29, 2019
First-Look At Completed Website November 29, 2019
Website Launch + SEO Kickoff December 6, 2019

5.0 Additional Services

SEO + Boost

In the same alignment as our other clients in this space, we know that SEO is not a one-size-fits-all scenario, and so each campaign needs to be handled with custom diligence. We know that this is a competitive industry and so we will need to be nimble in our SEO efforts. Range Marketing has designed both on-site and off-site (Boost product) to sufficiently preform Search tactics, that actually drives results.

The examples below are meant to give an idea as to what we could potentially fulfill under different levels of SEO + Boost. With that being said, National campaigns are typically more costly than Local Search campaigns, and have a longer timeline to produce results. Our monthly SEO can range anywhere from $500 – $15,000 / month depending on how extensive a campaign is and how many man hours need to be put behind the effort as well as how soon you want to start ranking and seeing significant results and leads.

We recommend starting at the lower end of our product recommendations and adding on over time as our results and rankings begin to peak. Subsequently, we would like to take a look at any Google Analytics Data, or PPC data that is currently available (if at all) to appropriately resize budgeting for Ad spend so that we can reduce costs, and increase lead value organically. Realistically we recommend that an SEO campaign should anticipate a 12-month test trial. However, Range Marketing will work every day, on a month-to-month payment basis, to show that we can and will provide the work to deserve your ongoing business.

Our Suggestion(s):

Passive Strategy 

SEO Gold + Level 1 Boost $1,850 / month 

    • Search engine optimization for a population over 1,000,000 or national
    • SEO will focus on keywords in 3 overall industries ex: (Vending Machine Parts & Accessories + Custom DIVI Solutions + Cannabis/CBD Vending Solutions)
    • Work is performed by a dedicated SEO Strategist
    • Social media is not included
    • Includes setup of Google, Yelp, and Bing Local Listings
    • Includes up to 2 hours per month of website maintenance / updates
    • Includes weekly interactive reporting
    • 25 backlinks per month

    ** Recommended Starting Point** :

    SEO Gold + Level 3 Boost $2,400 / month 

      • Search engine optimization for a population over 1,000,000 or national
      • SEO will focus on keywords in 3 overall industries ex:  (Vending Machine Parts & Accessories + Custom DIVI Solutions + Cannabis/CBD Vending Solutions)
      • Work is performed by a dedicated SEO Strategist
      • Social media is not included
      • Includes setup of Google, Yelp, and Bing Local Listings
      • Includes up to 2 hours per month of website maintenance / updates
      • Includes weekly interactive reporting
      • 50 backlinks per month

      More Aggressive Strategy:

      SEO Gold + Level 5 Boost $3,450 / month 

        • Search engine optimization for a population over 1,000,000 or national
        • SEO will focus on keywords in 3 overall industries ex:  (Vending Machine Parts & Accessories + Custom DIVI Solutions + Cannabis/CBD Vending Solutions)
        • Work is performed by a dedicated SEO Strategist
        • Social media is not included
        • Includes setup of Google, Yelp, and Bing Local Listings
        • Includes up to 2 hours per month of website maintenance / updates
        • Includes weekly interactive reporting
        • 125 backlinks per month