Fluence Bioengineering

Project Proposal

1.0 Project Overview

In this proposal, we breakdown the role of Range Marketing in the paid digital ad campaign for Fluence – an LED lighting systems manufacturer looking to sell B2B through  Google Adword placement. The following further breaks down the full scope of work and corresponding costs. The terms of our agreement include a three month trial period where Range Marketing provides Pay-Per-Click management for Fluence. Range will charge (as further detailed in the sections to follow) a flat 25% management fee monthly at the beginning of each 30-day campaign. Following our three month trail, Range will work on a month-to-month retainer (25% of PPC budget).

2.0 Project Deliverables

PPC | Pay-Per-Click Management

Range Marketing will provide a custom PPC ad strategy using a manual keyword bidding structure designed to outrace your direct competition that are using lazy auto-bidding strategies. Each month, you’ll be invoiced the 25% management fee from Range Marketing and the agreed upon ad-spend budget will be charged to a credit card provided by the client. An account will be set up through Google containing the customers credit card information and will only be charged when approved by The Davis Group or from the customer direct.

PPC Management Features: 
      *Hand-built campaigns with manual bidding strategies based on average position & conversions
      *Conversion Tracking Implementation to see what keywords and campaigns are performing and delivering leads
      *Negative keyword and search term monitoring (block out spam searches to make sure we aren’t wasting our daily budget)
      *Audience list implementation when applicable linked to analytics to help run bid adjustments toward people more likely to convert
      *Demographic bid adjustments to focus on the gender/income/age of our target market
      *Intuitive dashboard reporting that allows you to track phone calls and contact form submissions
It’s recommended that in addition to utilizing our PPC and Google adword strategies, you supplement our search engine optimization tool to drive organic leads in conjunction with paid. Google Ads is typically recommended by our team as an add-on to maximize your potential return from your online marketing, but is often used as a primary lead generation source. We manage PPC spends of anywhere from $1,500 – $100,000+/month.

PPC Monthly Spend Package: Initial 3 month trial

(Strategic Starting Point)

PPC/Paid Ad Spend $12,000 / Month

We suggest combining both US and Canadian ad spend into one campaign/budget to allow our data to dictate where the spend should be based on conversions. However, if you’re looking for landing pages and campaigns to convey different prices/products depending on the market – we are able to run them separately. We would however, suggest prioritizing spend in the US based on market share and lead potential. 

Management Fee: 25%

3.0 Project Budget

The budget is derived directly from the list of deliverables included within this proposal ("Scope"). Per discussions with The Davis Group, Range is under the impression we will not be tasked with landing page development but below we have outlined the costs around a custom landing page development should there be a need for it in the near future.

Description Cost
Cannabis PPC Landing Page $1,000
Total Project Budget

4.0 Project Schedule

The project schedule is a list of soft deadlines for the project; they are milestones we strive to achieve. Landing Page development is a dynamic process and it's commonplace for new ideas to arise, communication to occur, or Scope be slightly tweaked. While it's rare for us to miss targets, the schedule below is not held to any bounds concerning the budget or Agreement.

We schedule our projects conservatively, and it's also common for us to come out ahead of the milestones below.

Deliverable Date
Project Kickoff Date December 2, 2019