Solarea Beach Resort

Project Proposal

1.0 Project Overview

Solarea Beach Resort is an exclusive resort community in Palmas del Mar; in the southeastern coast of Puerto Rico. The resort offers exclusive luxury suites, spacious condo’s, and vacation rentals for both U.S. and international travelers including corporate retreat packages, destination weddings, honeymoons and anniversary celebrations, and other various private events.

First of all, the current website ( has an expired SSL certificate and is not secure. It’s also not necessarily being used as a lead generation tool, but more so informational digest for prospective visitors. Range Marketing will be responsible for (re)building Solarea a new, fully secure web platform with the desired functionality and user experience (may be) paired with our proprietary on and off-site SEO and PPC products to drive and convert online traffic. Our backlinking strategy will look to create a more authoritative web presence (current DA 17 – 0 ranking keywords).

This proposal will cover “Phase 1” of the project Website reconstruct, as well “Phase 2” which is our additional SEO services, in order to get the redesign live by the end of January, with an aggressive search strategy to start ranking for results

2.0 Project Deliverables

Below outlines deliverables for this project.

Project Discovery

Our Project Discovery process is integral to developing a website that is both on time and exceeds expectations for both the client and our team.

Steps in this process include:

  • Initial client meeting to determine technical scope, visual desires, company mission, and the full walkthrough of services client offers.
  • Detailed breakdown of each project deliverable included in the website in a clearly defined technical scope.
  • Buildout of Sitemap to establish what content will be on the website, and what page it will be included on.
  • Establish a Project Schedule with concrete deadlines for multiple phases of the project.

Creative Design

A website is nothing without it’s design. At Range, we handle the creative portion of design a bit differently. Typical agencies will execute the design research phase and then produce visual-only mockups in PDF form, essentially showing you one big image that you approve before moving into development.

While in some projects this does make sense, in the majority of our projects this lengthy step is costly to both the client and ourselves, and isn’t necessary because of how we develop sites.

Our Creative Process stays completely within the realm of research and planning. We work with you to identify the most important information you want the design to convey, and from that formulate a quick sketch that outlines how we can structure that information.

From there, we research other beautiful sites on the web and come up with our own unique layout groups that we’ll apply to the development. We’re still in the planning phase here – the design comes to life during our actual development project.

Because of this process, the first “design” preview you see will actually be a developed website, allowing you to preview it on all of your devices as well as get a first look at the interactivity of the site.

Development Environment Setup

We develop your site in a closed environment on a completely different server from where your live website will be. This process is complex and takes time to set up, but is critical for the future safety of your website. Once your website goes live on the internet, we still host your development environment. This serves a couple functions:

  • Acts as an additional backup layer in the event of something happening to the live site.
  • Remains a preview for future changes to your site.  If you require a big design change, new page design, or new functionality, we can safely test and preview everything on your development website before moving it to production.  This ensures that your live website will never “break” due to meddling around with the code when building something new.

Core Development

Core Development is generally the largest deliverable in the project, notwithstanding any additional complex custom applications or functionality. During this phase of the development we will:

  • Install and set up the Content Management System (CMS) used for the website – in this case WordPress.
  • Install and set up a suite of plugins and performance-enhancers for the website.
  • Design and develop site-wide features of the website, like navigation, footer, and sidebar.
  • Design and develop the homepage.
  • Design and develop the content-focused interior pages (such as About Us, Contact Us, Blog, Services Provided, etc.)
  • Ensure author functionality is designed and developed, allowing users to see pictures of the article author as well as a bio page with summary of posts by that author.
  • Set up usernames/logins.

Content Implementation

Content Implementation is just that – adding all of the content to your website. This step is different for every client, but typically includes things like:

  • Working with the client to obtain all necessary content for each page of the website.
  • Adding content onto each page of the website.

Website Launch (Deployment)

When your website is ready to go live on the internet, we run through a detailed checklist to ensure the launch is safe and without interruption. Things on our checklist include:

  • Taking a final backup of the development website.
  • Setting up the production environment server (similar to setting up the development environment).
  • Transferring files from development to production.
  • Testing the website on production locally (making sure the site will load perfectly once the domain name is live on our servers).
  • Handling the technical process of pointing the domain name to our servers.
  • Running post-launch steps to performance plugins.
  • Installing SSL on the live website ( vs.
  • Testing all features of the live website, and testing contact form delivery.

3.0 Project Budget

The budget is derived directly from the list of deliverables included within this proposal "Scope". The overarching goal is to create a Level IV Custom web platform. The budget is derived directly from the list of deliverable's included within this proposal "Scope".

Description Cost
Level IV Website (Resort) $10,000
Total Project Budget
Monthly Hosting & Maintenance Cost

Range Marketing will host your website on a private server on a monthly basis. This also includes 24/7 security monitoring, security updates, uptime monitoring, and free emergency support in the event of uptime issues.

Maintenance also includes up to 2 hours of work every month. This includes things like changing text, adding new images, or removing content. Anything requiring new features or designs will be quoted separately.

4.0 Project Schedule

The project schedule is a list of soft deadlines for the project; they are milestones we strive to achieve. Website development is a dynamic process and it's commonplace for new ideas to arise, communication to occur, or Scope to be slightly tweaked. While it's rare for us to miss targets, the schedule below is not held to any bounds concerning the budget or Agreement.

We schedule our projects conservatively, and it's also common for us to come out ahead of the milestones below.

Deliverable Date
Project Kickoff Date December 2, 2019
First-Look At Completed Website January 6, 2020
Website Launch January 21, 2019

5.0 Additional Services

PPC – Pay Per Click 

It’s recommend that in addition to building a website and utilizing our SEO strategy, that we explore the option of Google Ads (PPC) to help the campaign in the early stages. Google Ads will allow us to target specific areas/regions that are identified as potential areas for high conversions. Unlike with your SEO campaign, Google will allow us to target areas as specific as the zip code!

Google Ads is typically recommended by our team as an add-on to maximize your potential return from your online marketing. We manage PPC spends of anywhere from $1,500 – $50,000+/month.

We would like to gather some more information as to who and where we should be specifically targeting for this portion of your internet marketing campaign. If we wanted to select a city or two target, we would likely recommend starting with a monthly spend budget of approximately $5,000 (includes management fee).


Google PPC Monthly Spend Package:

PPC/Paid Ad Spend: $2,500/month

Management Fee: 25%


Paid Social Media Ad Spend Package: 

Ad Spend: $2,500/month 

On-boarding: $750

For client on-boarding, our team will go through a research process of your brand, industry, competitors, and current marketing and sales tactics. We will also provide a brief overview of our strategy for the ad campaigns.

  • Social media audit & page set-up
  • Strategic Brief

Paid Media Management
After completing our on-boarding phase, our team will move into the creation and execution of your paid advertising campaigns. Not only will we select the ad platforms that best fit your brand, but we will also develop a full-funnel campaign that will drive results for your intended goals. Upon launching your initial ad campaigns we will begin testing a variety of audiences, copy, and creative to find the most effective ads. This will be followed up with monthly reporting and strategy calls to assess progress and continuously improve campaigns.

  • Suggested Platforms: 
    • Instagram
    • Facebook
    • Google (PPC)
  • Custom strategy for ad structure and budget allocation
  • Custom Ad creative and copywriting
  • Event/URL tracking 
  • A/B Testing 
  • If Possible, Build custom audiences (LAL, Retargeting, Custom Conversions)
  • Variation of ad campaign types for full sales funnel coverage
    • Top of Funnel: Brand Awareness, Engagement, Web Traffic, Video Views 
    • Middle of Funnel: Retargeting, Web Traffic, Lead Generation (Lead ads, Email, SMS, Messenger Automation)
    • Bottom of Funnel: Retargeting and Conversions
  • Monthly reporting dashboard
  • Monthly optimization and strategy meetings

Social Media Management: $1,250/month 

  • 5-7 posts per week on Social Media Profiles & Stories (Up to 4 platforms)
  • Monthly Content Calendar
  • Content Creation
  • Hashtag Research
  • Content Strategy
  • Monthly Reporting

On-boarding & Ad Management: Reference Budget Spread Sheet 

*25% of ad spend and $500/mo min.