Digital Marketing Solutions for Multi-State/Location Dispensaries

Digital Marketing Services for MSOs

Cannabis sales are expected to triple over the next two years. Rapid growth across the industry accelerates the need to innovate marketing strategies. However, evolving, numerous and state-specific rules and regulations create unique challenges for dispensaries looking to grow, expand and advertise. While you might feel overwhelmed, Range Marketing is the ideal first step.

Multi-Location Dispensary Marketing Solutions

Multi-state operators (MSOs) and multi-unit dispensaries are a relatively new concept in the marijuana industry. While federal laws limit the movement of cannabis products across state lines, larger brands are starting to emerge and consolidate across the country. Over the last few years we’ve seen several of our clients absorb other dispensaries and a few of them get absorbed by large conglomerates as well.

Cannabis Dispensary SEO

As exciting and powerful as a unified brand across 5, 10, or even 50 stores may be, things can actually get more difficult from an online standpoint. Through the eyes of Google, it can be seen as a stretch and potentially even a red flag that one website claims to operate a dozen or more physical locations. Without the correct search engine optimization (SEO) architecture in place, a $100M multi-state dispensary will find itself having trouble outranking single-branch dispensaries in each individual city they operate in.

Dispensary Website Design & Development

Structuring your website properly is step 1 for achieving strong rankings in multiple markets. Depending on population size, competitive landscape, and the physical addresses you are working from, very different strategies can be required. For similar size operations we make very different recommendations and employ different tactics because of highly nuanced details in the online feasibility. Our dispensary clients in San Francisco are competing in a very different situation when compared to our rural Michigan cannabis brands, which necessitates our customization of very different styles of campaigns for each.

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Grow Your Dispensary’s Online Presence with Range Marketing

Off-site SEO can include everything from social media to link building to local press release strategy to Google Business Profile (GBP) optimization. Depending on your brand goals and the structure of the onsite optimization, the tactics we employ off site will be vastly different. Before starting any multi-location campaigns, our SEO Strategists put together a comprehensive plan for dominating your target markets. For some clients, a single set of social media accounts makes the most sense and for others we see value in giving each store it’s own unique identity. Many come to us with a strong offsite presence and 1000s of reviews, while others just bought their first domain name and are starting from scratch!

No matter what your situation is, the team from Range Marketing is here to help! We have been running successful online campaigns for the marijuana industry for several years. Two of our first-ever clients were sister MMJ businesses and we’ve steadily grown our cannabis clientele disproportionately to other industries since then. We are excited to be part of the future of cannabis!

As consumers search for a dispensary near me, brand recognition becomes especially important. You want to be seen and stand out in every location, provide a rewarding experience and become the brand of choice. Let us help you avoid the growing pains and accelerate successful expansion. Range encourages you to fill out our contact form, explore exciting possibilities and discover a whole new level of opportunity.

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