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From our years of testing, research, and development, our search engine optimization (“SEO”) team has developed strategies and technical requirements which are unmet by any other platforms available on the market. As a value add, websites hosted on our server get equipped with our own proprietary software installed. The application was developed in-house and is not made available for sale, license, or installation on other servers. It runs alongside the WordPress content management system (“CMS”) and it is only made editable to our staff.

Custom-built for your business.
Aligned with Your Goals

We custom-configure each installation on a per-client basis, optimizing it first for your industry and then for your specific campaign’s targeting. Over the course of your campaign, our SEO Strategists will make tweaks and updates to maximize results and react to any Google algorithm updates, competitor efforts, etc.

Driving Your Campaign

Utilizing our software, your SEO Strategist will be able to work faster and more effectively than would be possible on a traditional website backend. Our proprietary application allows them to use advanced technical strategies and a small dose of AI (“artificial intelligence”) to optimize client sites for appearance in search results. A major benefit of the software is that it works almost like an assistant for the SEO Strategist, helping them complete tasks with greater precision and speed. Fundamentally, we like to keep our SEO team focussed on campaign strategy, competitive analysis, and algorithm tracking. Having our software perform some of the heavy lifting allows the Strategists to maximize their time onsite.

Of enterprises are using AI as of today, but 31% are expected to add it over the next year. Source: Adobe
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Frequently Asked Questions
Absolutely not! If our customers ever choose to self-host a site we built for them, we are more than happy to export a fully-functional version of the website. Exported sites include everything other than our proprietary software. For competitive reasons (as well as specific server requirements), we never allow the software to leave our servers.
Websites are made up of many files such as images, text documents, videos, and code documents. Hosting is simply the term used for storing those files. We store (or “host”) the files for most of our customers’ websites. Occasionally, our customers have their own servers that they choose to use instead of ours. In those cases, we consider that “self-hosting,” meaning our customer has furnished a location for their files and does not need our servers. Since our proprietary software is only available on our servers, those customers are not be able to receive the added value of that technology.
A question we often receive is “Are you able to optimize websites without the proprietary software?” The answer is “yes, absolutely” and our SEO Strategists are more than comfortable working in any modern website platform. If you already have a great website or your own hosting, we can still bring you on as an SEO client. The lack of our software simply takes away a competitive edge we like to work with, but we are still able to deliver industry-leading results.
We periodically receive requests from customers or their IT staff who wish to see our proprietary software or the code that powers it. Unfortunately, we cannot share it with you. Our platform is unlike anything else that is on the market today and keeping that code 100% in-house protects our competitive advantage.
The software is utilized for customers who purchase our websites, hosting, and marketing services, but the application itself is not a billable item. We load the software within our server and use it as a tool for maximizing your campaign results. All of our hosted customers benefit from it and our web team actively maintains it, adding new features and optimizations as needed by the SEO team.
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