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Meet the team

We’re a group of dedicated, fun, and knowledgeable professionals who are passionate about serving our clients needs in a unique and innovative way. Meet the members our customer-facing team:


Full-Blown Eagle Scout & Environmentalist

Full Bio


Adventurer, Pretend Carpenter, & Horrible Golfer


Dog whisperer


Nature enthusiast, cat mom, and Gilmore Girls superfan


Knows a lot of things. (He's good at trivia, we think.)


Animal lover, volleyball player, coffee addict, and rodeo competitor


Talks way too much. He's in radio though, so he gets a break.

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"I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass. And I'm fresh out of bubblegum."

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The People's Champion

Full Bio


Enjoys golf, traveling, and hanging out with his cat, Mr. Purrs


Skier and die-hard Bills fan


Loves to travel & explore the outdoors


Holds 12 different certifications (yes, 12!), is a chihuahua mom to Mar-Teenie and an avid bug collector, and will school you in ANY Super Mario game.


Traveler, Surfer, Yogi, and Environmental Activist


Craft queen, horror fanatic, and proud rescue mom


Dog lover, food enthusiast, loves to travel and spend time with friends and family.


"The Collector"


Proud pug parent & noble beach bum.


A Hogwarts graduate in another life. Definitely obsessed with Vegas.


Loves traveling, live music, and Dr. Pepper


Wife, toddler mom x2, Notre Dame football fan, enjoys long drives to nowhere


Loves playing basketball, going on nature walks, and eating gummies.


Gamer and Esports enthusiast, self-proclaimed chef, and a lover of long walks in nature.


On a relentless pursuit of forward progress


Enjoys reading books, working on audio engineering projects, and going for runs


Covered in dog hair. Knows Mothman personally. No wire hangers

Mike #1

Identifies as his dog

Mike #2

Die-hard Bills fan...we're surprised he's still alive


Nomad currently in the mountains somewhere


Interests include guitar, nature, running, and red velvet donuts


Likes nature and cities. Still plays in an emo band.


Fearless adventurer, code cruncher, wannabe baker, cracking wise amidst wild landscapes and steep inclines.


Doesn't like writing snappy one-liners


Explorer of the great outdoors and coffee enthusiast


Chronic pet adopter, Golden Girls superfan, aspiring cooking show host.


Loves sharks, thrifting, and her dogs. (Seriously, her dogs are her favorite people.)


Cat step-mom, aspiring homesteader, winner in both Largest and Smallest Bass 2020 fishing season

Buffalo's Top Digital Marketers

Range Marketing

Range Marketing is a privately-held technology company headquartered in downtown Buffalo, New York. All employees live and work in the USA, primarily in Western New York.

We are a niche Web Design & SEO company operating predominantly in the cannabis and home service verticals. Our goal is to create long term partnerships with our clients; rooted in month-over-month revenue growth as a result of our SEO services. Range has developed proprietary technologies surrounding both web design & SEO, derived from over 10 years of data and a scientific approach.

Our tech-driven efficiencies allow us to build agency level custom websites optimized for speed & search engine results at a fraction of the cost relative to the market. We pass this value to our clients with affordable and aggressive pricing as a commitment to our goal of lasting partnerships.

Company History

Range Marketing was founded in 2013 by Devon Sprague and Josh Halliman. At the time, Devon and Josh worked for one of the world’s largest diversified media companies, but had new ideas that didn’t fit the mold of a large corporation. Working as a startup, the two founders were able to develop technologies and processes that were unlike anything available on the market. Through a series of successful trials, pilot programs, and positive word of mouth, Range Marketing started growing at a rapid pace.

As the client base grew, so did the volume of incoming data and size of the team, but we never backed away from our mission to help businesses reach their goals. With access to greater resources, Range was able to double down on R&D and continue driving results for clients through innovation.

The Future of Range

Range Marketing is now one of Buffalo’s largest marketing firms and has separate management, sales, marketing, and web teams. In 2018, the company built a new headquarters along the downtown waterfront. Employees work from the new office and remotely, depending on the nature of their work (and the Buffalo weather!)

Range Marketing employs a team of digital experts and offers truly custom digital solutions for businesses of all sizes. Stop by or get in touch with us to find out what we could do for you!

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