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Memo Confirmation: Pricing for mta360 - Only Send to Jack, Dakota, and Mary

Just put your name below to acknowledge receipt and understanding of the "Pricing for mta360 - Only send to Jack, Dakota, and Mary" Memo that was sent out on 10/9/20.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Thank you!!
Steve Kiener

  • Subject: Memo: Pricing for mta360 - Only send to Jack, Dakota and Mary


    There has recently been an uptick in instances where price quotes have been shared with improper parties outside of Range. ALL pricing needs to go through Jack, Dakota, or Mary. Range pricing should not be shared with any other member of the team over at mta360. Pricing also cannot be shared with mta360 clients.

    Why is this the case?

    We do this because the pricing that we send to mta360 is not the end pricing to the customer. mta360 marks up the pricing and sends it to the customer. Only Jack, Dakota, and Mary know how to mark up the pricing.

    Can I CC other people at mta360 on emails about pricing as long as I send it to Jack, Dakota, and Mary?

    No. Jack doesn't want his employees outside of Dakota and Mary to know how the pricing markup works. As far as the employees are concerned, Range and mta360 are the same organization.

    Can I send pricing directly to an mta360 client?

    No. Jack, Dakota, and Mary need to mark up the pricing before it ever goes out to a client.

    Steve Kiener
    Range Marketing
    General Manager
    (716) 584-1850

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