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computer screen with Grass Roots Rx website displayed
computer screen with Grass Roots Rx website displayed
Detailed case study
  • Search engine marketing campaign
  • Website built by Range
  • Goal discovery & strategy planning

This campaign is a perfect example of how a well-constructed internet marketing strategy can directly benefit the bottom line. Contrary to conventional SEO sales pitches, it really can be that simple.

Solid & attributable revenue growth:

The dispensaries’ revenues tell the story. As soon as Google visibility started to improve, so did Grass Roots Rx’s revenue. In just the first 3 months of their Range Marketing SEO campaign, Grass Roots Rx increased their monthly revenue by over 314%.

Revenue Per Location

From client point of sale data, previous 22 months

All three locations saw a new influx of customers and profit. The increase was driven by organic traffic, which is a sustainable and durable revenue stream. Unlike pay-per-click advertising, SEO has no hard cost per acquisition. As the campaign continues to grow, costs will stay flat. Range Marketing’s campaign is producing a tangible and positive return on investment.
A cutting-edge modern-website:

The first stage of the campaign was Range Marketing’s construction of a fully-responsive WordPress website. Grass Roots Rx provided their specifications and the Range Marketing design team built the site to spec.

The new GrassRootsRxNm.com site features:

Multiple locations

represented on the site with SEO & custom map.

Online checkout

with seamless integration of existing order platform.

Fully responsive

design that performs and functions on all size devices.


The driving force behind the revenue growth shown above was a major increase in visitors to the Grass Roots Rx website. Search engine optimization campaigns typically take several months to gain significant traction, but in Grass Roots Rx’s market, the competition was no match for the Range Marketing SEO technology. Key performance metrics started to improve almost immediately after the campaign launched in May 2020:

Website Traffic Volume

From Google My Business, previous 12 months

At launch, the new site was already significantly more optimized than their old platform, so Grass Roots Rx received a significant improvement in Google rankings. The higher positioning on Google caused more consumers to see and click on Grass Roots Rx’s website.

Website Traffic Type

From Google My Business, previous 12 months

“Direct traffic” includes customers who search for the business name or address. “Discovery traffic” includes anyone who found the listing by searching for a keyword, service, or product. Attracting discovery traffic is how Range Marketing drives new revenue for Grass Roots Rx.

Search engines like Google are the #1 place new customers can find you. Range Marketing’s strategy puts your business in front of people who are ready-to-buy. Search engine optimization is the only acquisition methodology that takes place at that crucial point in the customer journey. Social media, video, branding, and PR can all be great additions to an SEO campaign, but none of them can drive as much revenue. SEO truly is a direct investment in your growth.


SEO earns top spots in the maps & organic listings.



A striking new website inspires confidence & creates intrigue.



Contact forms, calls, & clicks for directions drive new business.

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