The Ultimate Ai Budtender

Interview with Eric Mercado Co- Founder of Terpli

July 10, 2022


Eric Mercado



Mark Wallace

Range Marketing

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Desmond Johnson

Range Marketing

Director of Marketing


This Interview is a must see-for every dispensary owner or cannabis entrepreneur looking to enhance their customers online shopping experience and drastically increase their amount of lifetime customers.

Several issues plague the current cannabis industry that can have potentially create catastrophic effects for retaining customers long term.

In this exclusive webinar we caught up with Eric Mecardo the Co-Founder of Terpli. A dynamic ai-driven “online budtender” solution that keeps consumers accurately informed about how the products on your shelves will effect them on individual level based on their desired result. A solution that adapts and learns their preferences going WAY BEYOND the basic indica and sativa labels.

Key Takeaways from this exclusive webinar:

  • What issues currently plague cannabis dispensaries
  • Valuable insights on the current and future state of the Cannabis industry
  • How technology within the Cannabis dispensary space is evolving
  • How to optimize your online consumer experience to drive more revenue and create a true lifetime customer

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