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Is It Time To Advertise on TikTok?

ByteDance Introduces New Paid Ads Formats to Compete with Instagram and Snapchat

April 25, 2022 | Posted in: Social

TikTok For Business is making moves to mirror the world-class advertising platform offered by Meta for campaigns across Facebook and Instagram. TikTok’s developers have made massive strides in how the new ad engine allows businesses to promote and target content to TikTok’s growing userbase of one billion people worldwide.

Statistic: Most popular social networks worldwide as of January 2022, ranked by number of monthly active users (in millions) | Statista
Graphics and data provided by Statista

TikTok Reaches A Daily Active Users Rank of 6th

As of 2022, TikTok has closed the gap and found itself with slightly more users than Facebook Messenger, closely trailing WeChat.

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New Targeting Options for TikTok Ads

The newest iteration of the TikTok ads manager is so similar to Meta’s that you might even forget you aren’t using a Facebook product. In a familiar feeling interface, marketers now have the ability to choose goals, narrow their audience and budget, and start creating content.

Choosing a Goal

This goal is best left to campaigns with huge budgets and massive brand power. If “reach” is your only motive behind sponsoring content, Awareness is for you!

The second available goal type is great for non-converting traffic. If you simply want users to click through into your website, view a video, or engage with your post, this setting optimizes your add to spur that type of user behavior.

TikTok’s third goal type is the most common: Conversion. For campaigns intended to deliver an audience who will make a purchase, book a service, or otherwise take an action, this setting is ideal.

Selecting an Audience

The available demographic settings on TikTok are surprisingly more similar to Meta’s than Snapchat. TikTok retains and assumes a ton of relevant information about their users, allowing us to target them based on the following criteria:

  • Location
  • Languages
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Interests
  • Time of day they are using The app

Creating Your Ad

If you’ve never used TikTok before, creating an ad that will perform well on the platform may be a challenge. Paid content is displayed alongside normal content so the best possible ad creative will feel like an organic post. Save the TV-style ad ideas for YouTube!

TikTok ads can be created from pictures or a video and are expected to contain textual copy on top of either media. Music can also be added, along with any of the following button types:

  • Book Now
  • Download Now
  • Learn More
  • Shop Now
  • Sign Up
  • Contact Us
  • Apply Now

Measuring Performance on TikTok

Similarly to Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and all of their other competitors, the developers at ByteDance also invested heavily in their analytics software. As soon as your ads go live you will be able to measure common metrics like clicks, views, budget usage, and conversions.

Don’t Forget to Install a TikTok Pixel!

One feature that isn’t easy for digital ad newcomers is the TikTok Pixel. Within the ad settings menu you will find a chunk of code that needs to be embedded into your website. This simple script will send information back to TikTok about the users on your site in order to measure how much of your paid traffic is making purchases, downloading coupons, and taking other actions on your content. Be sure to install and test your pixel before activating an ad campaign! Also remember that the pixel will report user metrics to TikTok for all users on your site, not just the ones who clicked an ad. You may need to adjust your privacy policy and/or cookie statement to disclose that.

Setting Expectations for TikTok Ads

Even with their new and improved advertising platform, TikTok is still limited by a few important factors:

  1. Demographics: The average age of TikTok users is much lower than other social networks, which is a benefit to certain retail advertisers but a major drawback for most.
  2. User Intent: Unlike Google where the user is actively looking for a product or service, TikTok users are typically killing time and looking for laughs. Converting someone who isn’t actively shopping is a much more difficult task.
  3. Impermanence: Unless you are extremely skilled at creating viral content, your campaign will only be effective for as long as you are paying for visibility. As opposed to the residual and cumulative benefits of strategies like SEO and content marketing, TikTok Ads are disposable and useful only in short bursts.

If you’re considering TikTok Ads for your business, feel free to contact us for a free evaluation. We only recommend this type of advertising to a very specific type of client whose scenario makes it possible to achieve a positive ROI. For 95% of businesses, TikTok Ads still do not present a good opportunity.

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