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August 9, 2022 | Posted in: Social | Web Design

Everyone Loves a Team-Up!

We have some exciting news at Range: We are launching a custom integration with our partner, Springbig. In collaboration with their team, we’ve designed a package of native website integrations that our mutual clients will all have access to. End users will be able to enroll in loyalty programs, view point balances, plus use their rewards for onsite purchases. It is a truly seamless and native experience.

springbig signup form

Onsite Loyalty Enrollment Forms

Upon receiving the integration upgrade, client sites will have three options for enrollment:

  1. Popup Form
  2. Slideout Form
  3. Standalone Loyalty Form

The three options can be used together or individually, depending on how aggressively the business would like to promote their loyalty program. Our popup form is a dismissible notification that allows users to sign up from whatever page they land on. They will need to close it out or enroll in order to uncover the rest of the site. The slideout form functions similarly, but is activated by a button the user clicks to “join now” or “sign up.” The least intrusive option is a standalone form that can be placed on a separate “loyalty” or “rewards” page. Using the regular navigation menu, end users can navigate to a separate page with program information and a fully-branded signup form.

springbig integrated top bar and notification banner

Integrated Notification Banners & User Info

Text message style banners keep promotional offers in sync and in focus. The notifications appear in a familiar style to be both eye-catching and consistent with Springbig SMS. Customers can use the promotional offers at checkout and earn points by shopping online.

A sitewide topbar allows end users to see their live point balance and available deals, increasing conversion rates with promotional offer redemptions. No separate apps required!



Tuesday, August 16th, 2022
2:00pm-2:30pm EST

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Amanda Brown

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Mark Wallace

Director of Strategic Partnerships

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