Cannabis Business 101: NY Edition w/ Joe Schafer (Cannabis Attorney)

The MUST KNOW's regarding Cannabis Entrepreneurship & Compliance in NYS

July 12, 2023


Spencer Rubeck

Range Marketing


Joe Schafer

Lippes Mathias

Associate Attorney

Desmond Johnson

Range Marketing

Director of Marketing


New York State has proclaimed itself to be a dream location for Cannabis Entrepreneurs, learning from the mistakes and successes of the other states that were first to legalize and grant licenses to operate. This is a must see for anyone located in New York who’s interested in becoming looking to be an entrepreneur in the Cannabis Industry,

In this exclusive webinar we sat down with Joe Schafer of Lippes & Mathias, who is the premiere Cannabis industry attorney in WNY.

He’s been following NYS’s progress and setbacks from the very beginning helping guide clients with all the information they need to set them up for success. With that being said, navigating the state’s consistently changing regulatory landscape has not been and will not be an easy task.

Key Takeaways from this Exclusive Webinar:

  • The current programs available for those looking to become cannabis entrepreneurs in NYS
  • How & where to apply for funding for a Cannabis business in NY
  • The nuances and requirements that are needed to to apply for those programs
  • How to stay complaint within the changing NYS regulatory cannabis Industry landscape
  • Insights and what to expect in the near and distant future of New York’s Cannabis industry as licenses are being granted throughout the state

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